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Create Home Movies with Windows Movie Maker

Create Digital Home Movies with Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP

Windows Movie Maker 2 makes home movie making fun and easy. You can create, edit, and share your movies with just a few simple actions.

For Beginners

Get Started with Windows Movie MakerGet Started with Windows Movie Maker

Find everything you need to start making movies on your computer.

See It in Action, Then Do It Yourself

Watch these videos to see how easy it is to create, edit, and share your home movies. We include handy printable instructions so you can try it yourself.

Create Home Movies EffortlesslyCreate Home Movies Effortlessly

See how Windows Movie Maker 2 makes it easy for just about anyone to make movies on their computer.

Make Movies Like a ProMake Movies Like a Pro

Windows Movie Maker 2 has over 130 new titles, effects, and transitions to make your movie look like it came from Hollywood.

Share Movies AnywhereShare Movies Anywhere

Learn four easy ways to save and share your movies: on your computer, on CD, via e-mail, and on the Web.

Movie Maker How-to Center

Find articles, tips, and more to help you create movie masterpieces.

Know Your Hardware: Cameras and More

New to shooting digital video and editing movies with your computer? Start here first.

Create and Edit Movies

Get the tools and tips for using Windows Movie Maker to create videos that look like they belong on the big screen.

Save and Share Your Movies

Find out how to send your home movies in an e-mail, share them on the Web, burn them to a CD or a DVD, and more.

Make Better Movies

No amount of fancy editing can create a great movie if you don't have good footage. Learn the tricks for getting the shots you want.


Get answers in the Movie Maker newsgroup
Get answers in the Video newsgroup

Support and Troubleshooting

Get help with Movie Maker and more


Get Movie Maker 2

Cool Products

Pixelan SpiceFX Packs

To enhance your editing power and creativity, see Pixelan's cutting-edge organic effects and transitions that you can add to Windows Movie Maker 2.

Neptune Mediashare

Share your movies in a whole new way with Neptune.

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